About Darien Journals

The first book (in this hopefully growing series) is called Fallen Rose and it follows Darien from the moment he was adopted by the Turner’s. So yes – gulp – he’s mortal!

In this book we will witness the making of ‘Darien Valentine’ as he grows and moulds into the person he is later on in Helena series. Though set in the early twentieth century, the story reads like an old re-telling, as though Darien is looking back and recalling his past. Think ‘interview with a vampire’ but with a little more sin, sex and gore.

Now be warned, it is Darien’s story….so this means lots and lots of explicit content! And juicy gossip, because let’s face it…..Darien was always at the centre of trouble! So in this series, though maybe not perhaps in the first novel – because he is a century old – we will see his undoing and slow or fast decent into insanity.

Maybe we’ll even meet the infamous Annabelle?

End note:

Think back to Newborn, if you’ve read the re-vamped, published version (it’s okay if you haven’t yet!) in that scene when he is drinking with Helena and has a rare, openness about his past – this book series will live that backstory, plus so much more!


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