Weekly updates!

Hey guys,

So I have some good news: I will be writing free online books again! From today onwards, I will be uploading on an app called Radish once a week (maybe more if I have the time).

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I missed the good ol’ days when I would update on Wattpad at least once a week. Unfortunately, life makes it complicated to both work to survive and write….but Radish has made it possible for me to write as a job.

Of course, I still study at university so I will only be uploading once or twice a week. And yes, majority of my stories on Radish will be free to read. I was given the option of having premium (paid to read) or free-premium (pay to read in advance, but free generally) stories…and, with a lot of consideration, I decided free-premium, meaning that those who can support my stories will get the content instantly whereas free-readers will have a slight 9 day lag.

So this means I can write more and you guys can get more books faster – everyone wins!

This doesn’t mean I wont ever be writing on Wattpad, I just wont be as consistent or active. Currently, I have agreed to write Darien journals on Radish and not share them anywhere else for the time being. I really am hoping that I am successful, so I can continue to write as a part-time job (or better yet full-time) and share stories with you guys and write constantly and interact like I used to be able to.

I still will be publishing my stories into paperback books – so Darien journals will someday be published, but now you guys can literally follow the creative process with me and read the stories I write instantly.

Please, please show us writers some support and if you read a story on Radish (mine included) share it on social media! You’d be surprised how much even a single Tweet helps.

more info: http://emmalowe.tumblr.com/tagged/newborn